Using Natural/Homemade Soap Bars

Let me just tell you this: I used to┬áhate using bars of soap. I always thought it was less clean than using a lufa (Really, Anne? Really?). On top of that, bars of soap always left me feeling like my skin was pulled too tight and it was so incredibly dry all the time. Not…… Continue reading Using Natural/Homemade Soap Bars

Postpartum Care – You are Important, Too

In all the excitement over your new bundle of joy, it can be hard to think about what you need. But please remember, whether you had a c-section or vaginal delivery, there are some major things on and in your body that need healing. You may have some tearing and some stitches that certainly need…… Continue reading Postpartum Care – You are Important, Too

Post Birth Recovery – Caring for “Down There”

I know, I know. The title is a little prude, and not quite what I would write in my posts. But I am trying to be a little respectful to those men and women who have not experienced birth and don’t really want to talk about vaginas. Those who have given birth, or are preparing…… Continue reading Post Birth Recovery – Caring for “Down There”

Essential Oils for Illness, Part 2

Part 2 of a two-part series. Essential oils are a great resource when you are feeling under the weather. They provide an innumerable amount of benefits without the side effects that plague lab-created medicine. This post looks at five different essential oils that can be used when you think you need an extra boost for your immune system.

Having a Friend with Natural Remedies

Starting my own journey into the world of natural remedies has been eye-opening. Herbs, flowers, essential oils, and foods can address so many issues it seems silly that so much money is spent on pharmaceuticals. For example, garlic is great to use as an immune support, both as a preventative or an aid your immune…… Continue reading Having a Friend with Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies You Didn’t Know You Already Used

I bet if you went through your cabinets, cupboards, and refrigerator you would come across things you are already using as natural home remedies. Look around… what else could you be doing?