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Eat One Homemade Meal This Week – Simple Life Challenge, Week 4

This week's challenge might be the hardest for most families, and yet, in my opinion, the most important. We can spend our entire lives reacting to the symptoms of our problems - headache, nausea, reflux, eczema - using pharmaceuticals or even natural remedies. But until we get to the root of our problems, we'll never… Continue reading Eat One Homemade Meal This Week – Simple Life Challenge, Week 4

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Remove & Replace Commercial Cleaning Products – Simple Life Challenge, Week 2

Our homes are full of commercial cleaning products - sometimes upwards of 30 different products. But all you really need are two or three, meaning your home is chemical free and naturally clean.

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Postpartum Care – You are Important, Too

In all the excitement over your new bundle of joy, it can be hard to think about what you need. But please remember, whether you had a c-section or vaginal delivery, there are some major things on and in your body that need healing. You may have some tearing and some stitches that certainly need… Continue reading Postpartum Care – You are Important, Too

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Plan for the Birth you Want, Prepare for the Birth you Don’t

Sound easy? Sound impossible? I promise it's neither. Going into birth, especially the first time, you have no idea what is going to or could happen. There are so many variables, so many possibilities - you just never know where your birth experience might take you, no matter how much you think you are prepared.… Continue reading Plan for the Birth you Want, Prepare for the Birth you Don’t

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Preparing to Recover Post Birth

Thankfully when you find out a baby is coming you have nine months to prepare. And there's a lot to prepare for. Nine months on a roller coaster, preparing for your ideal labor and delivery, preparing for the worst case scenario, and preparing to bring home that little bundle (or bundles) of joy. Having gone… Continue reading Preparing to Recover Post Birth

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5 Things to Do When You Find Out You’re Pregnant

I've seen a fair few lists of suggestions for things to do when you find out you're pregnant. And I can honestly say I have no idea what any of them say because I just skip right over them. I'm sure they have some great ideas, especially for first-time moms, but I just never felt… Continue reading 5 Things to Do When You Find Out You’re Pregnant

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How the Breastfeeding Relationship Changes Over Time

Every breastfeeding relationship is different. Moms have different desires, babies have different needs, there are different circumstances to work around. This is just how my relationship with Sweet Girl has gone, and the basic outline it seems to take, at least from my perpective.


Eggs & Toast

A simple title for a simple breakfast. But look at that photo. Doesn't look so simple, does it. Takes 10 minutes to throw together, tastes absolutely delicious, and keeps you full for as long as you need - like until you can justify eating a morning snack.

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Essential Oils for Illness, Part 2

Part 2 of a two-part series. Essential oils are a great resource when you are feeling under the weather. They provide an innumerable amount of benefits without the side effects that plague lab-created medicine. This post looks at five different essential oils that can be used when you think you need an extra boost for your immune system.

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Hot Dog Hash

Nothing is worse than having no idea what you're going to feed your kid for lunch. Especially when they wake up from a nap protesting just how hungry they are. Here's a quick meal I threw together. Maybe you'll enjoy it as much as we did.