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Elimination Communication for the WIN!

What's better than being pregnant again, expecting another bundle of joy? Knowing that I won't have to deal with two babies in diapers. Whew! I know a lot of parents don't have this issue, waiting 3+ years before trying for baby number two, or whatever number you're on. But we will have two under two… Continue reading Elimination Communication for the WIN!

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Plan for the Birth you Want, Prepare for the Birth you Don’t

Sound easy? Sound impossible? I promise it's neither. Going into birth, especially the first time, you have no idea what is going to or could happen. There are so many variables, so many possibilities - you just never know where your birth experience might take you, no matter how much you think you are prepared.… Continue reading Plan for the Birth you Want, Prepare for the Birth you Don’t

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Service Makes the World Go Around

Service comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be planned and coordinated or a simple phone call to say "Hi. How are you?" Sometimes we get stuck thinking of service as an all-consuming activity, one that no one has the time or money to do. But I bet if you really think about it,… Continue reading Service Makes the World Go Around

Pregnancy, Labor, & Delivery

Pregnancy is…

Pregnancy is so many things. And every mom experiences something different. I promise, though, if you can make it through the first trimester without pulling out your hair - or your partners hair - you will be rewarded with a growing baby bump, hearing baby's heartbeat at every appointment, and finally feeling those fluttery movements in your belly. The good times are coming.

Pregnancy, Labor, & Delivery

The Joys of Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is in the air. I know, Christmas is coming, but I swear everywhere I look there's another woman who is at least 7 or 8 months pregnant. Three women at church are about to pop, and there's one woman that works with BJ who is getting induced in the next couple weeks, which is… Continue reading The Joys of Pregnancy?


Eggs & Toast

A simple title for a simple breakfast. But look at that photo. Doesn't look so simple, does it. Takes 10 minutes to throw together, tastes absolutely delicious, and keeps you full for as long as you need - like until you can justify eating a morning snack.

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Setting Up Shop

January 2 will by my grand opening on aftcra. I will be offering all-natural, handmade products to add to your beauty routine and medicine cabinet.

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Are You…

Last week I was told I was a hippy. But am I really? What about you? Are you a hippy, crunchy/granola, or eco-conscious?

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Essential Oils – Our Single Oils and Carrier Oils

The essential oils and carrier oils currently in our "medicine cabinet". Just a few staples can get you through whatever ails you.

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Essential Oils – Our New Go To

Been thinking about how often we use essential oils around the house these days.