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Parenting Respectfully

I have a feeling that some people might look at the title of this post and think, "Oh, boy, where is this going to go?" But stick with me on this because you might find something that resonates with you. Or not - how do I know? With Sweet Girl's second birthday and Little Squish's… Continue reading Parenting Respectfully

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Potty Training….Again

So many things have changed around our house over the last two months so it's no wonder Sweet Girl regressed on all the progress she had made as far as potty training goes. Accidents all over the floor, using her diapers for poop instead of telling us she needed to go to the bathroom. It… Continue reading Potty Training….Again

That's Life

How Polite and Accepting Are You?

Being polite and generally accepting can be difficult. We hold our own values and ideals close to the heart and it's hard sometimes to accept that other people don't believe in the same things. I, myself, sometimes struggle to accept someone else when they have values that differ widely from my own. Growing up I… Continue reading How Polite and Accepting Are You?

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Having a Friend with Natural Remedies

Starting my own journey into the world of natural remedies has been eye-opening. Herbs, flowers, essential oils, and foods can address so many issues it seems silly that so much money is spent on pharmaceuticals. For example, garlic is great to use as an immune support, both as a preventative or an aid your immune… Continue reading Having a Friend with Natural Remedies

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Baby Sign Language

Being sick when you're a parent is terrible. Your little one is a ball of energy and all you want to do is burrow into your blankets and binge-watch Netflix all day. I can now say from experience (thank you laryngitis) that not being able to talk to your child may be even worse. I… Continue reading Baby Sign Language