Are Baby Books Really Necessary?

It would seem that baby books are a staple for expecting mothers. When I got pregnant with Sweet Girl it was one of the first things I thought of when I was creating my registry. I thought it was so important to have one so that I could keep track of all those milestones and…… Continue reading Are Baby Books Really Necessary?

Co-Sleeping: The How’s and Why’s of Our First Month Home with Little Squish

That’s right, I’m going there. Sleeping arrangements can vary from house to house, family to family, and even child to child. They certainly did around here. But please understand that I am not promoting or condemning any one idea or circumstance so long as safe sleeping habits are practiced with your children. Let me start…… Continue reading Co-Sleeping: The How’s and Why’s of Our First Month Home with Little Squish

Acknowledgement is the First Step

I have a problem – being a new mom of two is hard, and I am really struggling. I knew I would; this was not surprising to me. I knew there would be an adjustment period because I am now responsible for a whole new person incapable of doing anything for herself. And, I am…… Continue reading Acknowledgement is the First Step

Sleeping Like a Baby

It baffles me when I get on social media and see all the suggestions for how to get a newborn sleeping through the night. I don’t know where these people get the idea that this is o.k. or even recommended but it blows my mind just how often it comes up. And asking new parents…… Continue reading Sleeping Like a Baby

Parenting Respectfully

I have a feeling that some people might look at the title of this post and think, “Oh, boy, where is this going to go?” But stick with me on this because you might find something that resonates with you. Or not – how do I know? With Sweet Girl’s second birthday and Little Squish’s…… Continue reading Parenting Respectfully

Potty Training….Again

So many things have changed around our house over the last two months so it’s no wonder Sweet Girl regressed on all the progress she had made as far as potty training goes. Accidents all over the floor, using her diapers for poop instead of telling us she needed to go to the bathroom. It…… Continue reading Potty Training….Again

Mom Guilt – Just Let It Go

It’s amazing how much more difficult it is to have a second baby. It’s easy to think you know what to expect because you’ve done it before, but it is so much more than you can even imagine – or at least than I imagined. I knew before having Little Squish that things would change…… Continue reading Mom Guilt – Just Let It Go

Welcome to the World, Little Squish

I am happy to say that our Little Squish is here! She made her debut last week and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome her to the family. It was a long labor – the exact opposite of what we were expecting – but we made it to the end with a healthy baby…… Continue reading Welcome to the World, Little Squish

Awesome Energy Bites

So I found this recipe a couple years ago when I was pregnant with Sweet Girl. I wish I could remember where I found it because I cannot take credit for the recipe and ratios of ingredients. But it is seriously so yummy and full of things that are so good for you to keep…… Continue reading Awesome Energy Bites

Postpartum Care – You are Important, Too

In all the excitement over your new bundle of joy, it can be hard to think about what you need. But please remember, whether you had a c-section or vaginal delivery, there are some major things on and in your body that need healing. You may have some tearing and some stitches that certainly need…… Continue reading Postpartum Care – You are Important, Too