Your Presence Is Requested

Be present. Sounds easy enough – show up to the place and you are present. But is that enough? Should you then also be present of mind, not just of body? In an age where technology is getting more advanced and we are more reliant on our phones for everything it is easy to get…… Continue reading Your Presence Is Requested

Fostering Independence in Young Children

It can be overwhelming when you find out you’re expecting another baby before your first is still kind of a baby. I guess, technically, Sweet Girl is a toddler now – she’ll be 2 in August – but I can tell you that if we didn’t foster so much independence over the first part of…… Continue reading Fostering Independence in Young Children

Service Makes the World Go Around

Service comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be planned and coordinated or a simple phone call to say “Hi. How are you?” Sometimes we get stuck thinking of service as an all-consuming activity, one that no one has the time or money to do. But I bet if you really think about it,…… Continue reading Service Makes the World Go Around

The Push to the End, To Start Anew

What’s one of the worst things in the world? Having a sick toddler. Ok, so it’s not very high up on the list of horrible things, but it definitely makes things around her a little funky. Throws off all the routines, and lucky for me, I got sick this time right as she was getting…… Continue reading The Push to the End, To Start Anew

What Happened To Parenting?

Stories are popping up all over the place about parents using drugs around their children, overdosing in the car with kids in the backseat, and I read one story about parents shooting their kids (ages 5, 2, and 9 months) up with heroin, calling it “feel good medicine”. All I can think is, what is…… Continue reading What Happened To Parenting?

Stereotypes – Good or Bad?

Stereotypes are useful, except when they’re not.

How does this happen?

There are more questions than answers to this problem. How can we turn it around?

Birth Control or Parenting Don’t?

“Working with kids is the best form of birth control.”

What Would You Say

Differences are a thing. Accept it.

It Doesn’t Concern You

We, as an American society, are given so many liberties and are protected from so many things. What we need to be protected from now, it seems, is each other.