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Cleansing Your Skin With Oils

Even I - a natural living mama who loves oils and herbs - was skeptical of using oils to cleanse my face. How happy I am to be proven wrong. I use a simple 5-step routine that gives me the best skin of my life, even with the stress of two young kids.

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Seek the Simplicity

Living a simple life can look a million different ways. The thing that's important is that, when you create your own unique vision, you're able to get to that beautifully simple end goal.

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Safely Use Essential Oils

Please see my disclosure page. I've written about this topic previously, but I'm not sure it can be said enough. There is a safe way to use essential oils. I know I'm guilty of this, but when you start looking into using essential oils for yourself or your family it feels like because it's extracted… Continue reading Safely Use Essential Oils

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Cost Effective DIYs That Really Work

Homemade cleaning, health and beauty products are becoming the new thing. Everyone has their own recipes, but do they really compare on a financial scale with store-bought options? Read this post to see a cost comparison and analysis of 4 common products, and how to make them yourselves.

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Caring For Your Skin With Essential Oils

For the longest time I had no idea how I was supposed to take care of my skin. I never really had anyone to give me direction other than making sure I washed it daily so it didn't look and feel oily. But other than that, my information came through my own teenage research -… Continue reading Caring For Your Skin With Essential Oils

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My Everyday Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blends

Essential oils are versatile, personalizable, and personal. A blend can be created to suit your needs, and the roller bottle makes it incredibly easy to use at any given time. Check out my favorite blends and find out where you can get your own!

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We’re Live! Check Out My Online Shop

I've been talking about opening my own shop to sell my homemade blends and lotions for over a year. But with nursing and pregnancy it was just never the right time. But now it is! My products are now available to you in my shop on Aftcra. I've got lotions, roller bottle blends, serums, and… Continue reading We’re Live! Check Out My Online Shop

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Eat One Homemade Meal This Week – Simple Life Challenge, Week 4

This week's challenge might be the hardest for most families, and yet, in my opinion, the most important. We can spend our entire lives reacting to the symptoms of our problems - headache, nausea, reflux, eczema - using pharmaceuticals or even natural remedies. But until we get to the root of our problems, we'll never… Continue reading Eat One Homemade Meal This Week – Simple Life Challenge, Week 4

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One Day Make-Up Free: Simple Life Challenge, Week 3

Going makeup free for an entire day is hard. The first couple times I did it, I only left off the makeup when I knew I wasn't going anywhere. There was no way I was going to go out in public with acne all over my face and dark circles under my eyes. But the longer I was using these natural remedies, the clearer my skin looked and the healthier it felt. I have a hard time using any commercial products now because I feel like my skin can't breathe.

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Remove & Replace Commercial Cleaning Products – Simple Life Challenge, Week 2

Our homes are full of commercial cleaning products - sometimes upwards of 30 different products. But all you really need are two or three, meaning your home is chemical free and naturally clean.