Why am I here?

For the first 22 years of my life things were – as I thought – simple. I took care of myself, I thought mostly of myself in my decisions, and I took shortcuts where I could. I had very few cares in the world other than what clothes should I wear, what classes should I take at school, what would other people think of a certain decision I had made.

Since becoming a wife and a mother I’ve begun thinking of how my thoughts and actions affect other people, most importantly my husband and my daughter. Which, subsequently, has led me to think of others even outside of that. How do my decisions affect the people around me? How can I make a positive impact on my community? How can I show my daughter to be the best version of herself as she grows and discovers what she likes and who she wants to be?

This blog is not a political platform or a place for me to get on my soapbox and preach that what I think and do is the best for everyone. In my reflections I’ve come to believe even more firmly that every situation elicits a certain set of possibilities and people will choose from those how they see fit. I can decide one works best for me while my husband believes another option is better. There is rarely only one right answer. We need only find the right answer for ourselves and not worry about whether or not that makes sense to the people around us.


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