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Using Natural/Homemade Soap Bars

Let me just tell you this: I used to hate using bars of soap. I always thought it was less clean than using a lufa (Really, Anne? Really?). On top of that, bars of soap always left me feeling like my skin was pulled too tight and it was so incredibly dry all the time. Not only that, but I would end up having to use a ton of lotion so I didn’t feel like I had elephant skin, which would end up with me feeling extra greasy for the rest of the day. Oh, the plight of having oily skin.

But when I started looking into and experimenting with natural remedies I discovered just how healthy my skin could be. I started using natural bars of soap (usually ones I bought at a co-op or farmer’s market) about a year or so ago and I will never go back. I am in love! I never have to use lotion and my skin has never felt or looked better.

As one of the lucky few (please note: with much sarcasm), I get to deal with adult acne. I’ve had acne from the onset of puberty and it just never went away as I entered adulthood. I kept hoping and hoping that it would just go away, but it never did. And I could never get it under control, even when I was using heavy-duty, store-bought acne face wash. I continued to have breakouts until I started using natural soaps.

Not only with my face, I’ve noticed a difference in my skin overall, as well. There was a detox period of about a week where my skin felt weird (not really greasy, but not dry either; it’s kind of hard to explain) but after that I feel like my skin is completely different. I no longer get body acne, there are no more greasy or dry spots, and my skin just feels healthier all around.

After further reading I’ve come to know that all the chemicals found in store-bought soaps and body washes create a build-up within and on our skin. So when we go a day or two between showers we feel even more dirty than we would otherwise. Since switching, I’ve noticed that I can go a day or two (thanks to being a stay-at-home mom of two) without a shower and I don’t feel nearly as disgusting as I did when using commercial products.

This is especially true of your armpits. Commercial antiperspirants often contain aluminum and other minerals that are not designed for use on our bodies. They create an unhealthy build-up and interact with our sweat glands creating a horrible body odor when we forget to layer up or don’t put enough on. I’ve tried a couple times to switch to natural deodorant but each time the smell is just overwhelming. I honestly feel bad that I’m subjecting BJ to that kind of thing, so I keep going back to what I’d used before.

Not anymore. Thanks to a soap I just found this past Saturday I will no longer be using commercial antiperspirants! (Can you tell I’m excited? Cause I totally am!) Zum Bar (a soap brand sold at, I assume, health stores. I found mine at Sprouts) makes a soap with activated charcoal that is great for skin detoxifying. And I’ve only used it for a couple days but I’ve already been able to switch to a natural deodorant stick.

I’m so happy to have made the switch to natural bars of soap. I don’t have to buy special products for body and face. I don’t have to buy lotions or moisturizers. I don’t have to buy special acne fighting anything. I don’t have to buy antiperspirant. And what I’m most looking forward to with all of these things, is that one day I’ll be able to make all of the products I need for my hygiene routines – soap, moisturizers, deodorant, acne treatment.

What can be better than saving money and making things for yourself? That’s my idea of a good life.



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