Packing the Hospital Bags for Labor & Delivery – Baby’s Hospital Bag

When you reach the end of your pregnancy, one of the things you are probably thinking about, if you’re planning to give birth outside the home (hospital or birthing center), is what do I pack? There are lists everywhere that will give you extensive lists of the things you will “need”, the things you will love having, and the things that are a waste of time. And when I was preparing for the birth of my first, I was one of those women scouring the internet to see what other moms had done. And I am so grateful those lists exist. I had no idea what I would or wouldn’t need.

But as I prepare my hospital bags for our new addition, I can’t help but think I seriously overestimated the amount of things I would actually need. So I am sharing with you what I feel is the bare necessities for your trip to your birthing place. (Obviously, if you’re going for a home birth you may not need this list. However, it is always great to be prepared in the case of an emergency transfer.)

The first time around I remember packing a backpack with all kinds of things baby might need. And I only remember using, I think, one of the things in there – the going home outfit. The hospital I delivered in provided absolutely everything else I could have possibly needed and then some. Keep in mind, though, that I plan on using cloth diapers from birth with my little one, so you probably won’t need to have nearly as much as I have packed.

Baby's Hospital Bag


One Newborn All-in-One Diaper – This will be for when we leave the hospital. Going 20170627_125730home after having a baby, no matter how hard/easy/long/short your labor was, is a little stressful and overwhelming. And it’s times like these that I want to make sure we have a quick and easy diaper option. The newborn all-in-one (AIO) that we’ve purchased is from Thirsties. After using cloth with my first I found that I love their diapers, so that’s why we’ve gone with that brand. And because Sweet Girl was born at 6 lb 8 oz, and dropped to 5 lb 12 oz, I am anticipating another baby on the small side. So better safe than sorry with the 20170627_125744.jpgnewborn sized diapers.

15 Newborn Prefolds – These will be used while we are in the hospital. Because there aren’t many bowel movements in the first few days and not much pee we won’t need a cover. And because our only priority while there will be that little one, the diaper changes will happen fairly quickly after it gets messy. These prefolds (from Green Mountain Diapers) are perfect. They are the right size, very20170627_130007.jpg soft, and affordable.

1 Snappis – More than likely we will only need 1 of these while in the hospital, but i had a new three pack as a baby gift so I just threw them all in the bag together.


One Large Wetbag – This will get used to hold all of those dirty diapers and wipes.

15 Baby Washcloths – I love using these washcloths. They are so soft, so you know you won’t be hurtin20170627_125751.jpgg your babe’s sensitive bottom. And they work so much better on baby poop than disposable wipes. I am so excited to be using these on those first poops which are even harder to clean than regular baby poop.

Light Blanket for Going Home – I don’t think this one will get used because I will be delivering late July-early August. And it will be hot. But just in case we end up with one of those really mild summer days, this will be ready to use.

Two Going Home Outfits – Since no one really knows20170627_125822.jpg how big baby will be when they are born we have two outfits packed. One is size newborn and the other is sized 0-3 months. They are exactly the same, but we wanted to make sure that no matter how big that babe is we are ready with some clothes for the short ride home.

Carseat Cover – This is another one that may or may not get used, depending on the time of day we end up leaving the hospital. But if it is super sunny, we want to make sure we can keep at least a little of the sunlight off baby’s untouched skin.

Coconut Oil – I love coconut oil. It is perfect for all things baby, including protecting  20170627_130018.jpgbaby’s bum. So it will get used between diaper changes to make cleaning off that newborn poop a little easier. And I will probably end up using it on my nipples to help protecting them while breastfeeding (hopefully I won’t get cracked and sore nipples too bad this time around). And because it is completely safe to ingest I don’t have to worry about cleaning it off before little one latches on.

Hand Sanitizer – I don’t like using this one often because it always dries out my hands. And I much prefer using soap because I feel like my hands are cleaner. But it will be there in case I can’t get to the sink to wash them properly.

With our impending move so close to my due date I’m trying to make sure I have everything ready in case we are mid-move when baby decides to join us. Thankfully I have everything baby will need when she comes home ready to go and packed separately, so no matter what, that will be all set.


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