Elimination Communication for the WIN!

What’s better than being pregnant again, expecting another bundle of joy? Knowing that I won’t have to deal with two babies in diapers. Whew! I know a lot of parents don’t have this issue, waiting 3+ years before trying for baby number two, or whatever number you’re on. But we will have two under two – and yes we are happy about it. We have a lot of things going  in our lives right now, but we are happy that Sweet Girl is, what I like to say, about 100% potty trained and about 80% potty independent.

I am so glad we started EC (elimination communication) with Sweet Girl when she was around 8 months. I thought I was on the eco-friendly ball when we started with cloth diapers around 4 months, but now I know how much better EC is for everyone involved. Fewer diaper changes, meaning less laundry, fewer power struggles with a toddler. And if you have a toddler who hates diaper changes, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

When we started doing EC with Sweet Girl my main goal was to avoid fear of the potty, fighting with a toddler who has been conditioned to take care of business only in a diaper. I have heard and seen how difficult it is for some families when they start potty training when their kids are “ready”, around age 2 or 3. (I still don’t understand what that means, especially now that I’ve seen my 18 month old take so quickly to being completely out of diapers during the day.) I never did it full time, usually when I remembered to offer or at some diaper changes. And yet, here we are at 18 months, and Sweet Girl has few misses each day, and usually because I’m not paying attention to her.

Let me take a step back. I mentioned, before, that she is 100% potty trained and about 80% potty independent. I say she is “potty trained” because she is comfortable on the potty, both her floor potty and the adult toilet. She will use it when it is offered. She understands what its purpose is. “Potty independent” is something else entirely. I think it may still be awhile before she is completely independent in the bathroom. To me, potty independent means she will recognize when she has to go, she will take herself, she can pull pants down and up without help, and will clean up when she’s done. We are part of the way there. The fact that we can make it through the day, even with extended periods out of the house, without much incident is a win in my book.

Baby #2 is about to make her debut and I can say with enthusiasm that I will not have two (under two) in diapers. And I love how many comments I get – mostly at church – about the fact that Sweet Girl uses the potty and is no longer in diapers, other than at nap and bedtime. They are all amazed that she is so young and is on her way to complete independence, at least at home. I love getting to tell them about how we got to this point, and seeing their surprised faces that she is able to do it. Our little ones are surprising, when we give them the tools to do what they are able.


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