Pregnancy is…

Oh, goodness, what isn’t pregnancy? It’s an emotional roller coaster. It’s a physical roller coaster. And it lasts nine whole months. Forty weeks of ups and downs, twists and turns, and absolutely no breaks. But the best part? You get the most wonderful prize at the end: your very fabulous baby (or babies).

Unfortunately, the worst part of the whole process is the very beginning. No matter how many children you have had you are stuck for, at least, the first trimester with the worst part of the roller coaster. And pretty much none of the positives you will end up getting in the second and third trimesters. Let me lay a few of those joyous first symptoms. I put them into three main categories.

Emotional symptoms – your hormones are now completely out of whack thanks to that little spot in your uterus. I can tell you from my own personal experiences and from things I’ve read up on other mom’s pregnancy experiences that your feelings about finding out you’re pregnant range the entire gamut of emotions. Joy, excitement, fear, nervousness, dread – you name it, at least one mom out there has felt these and so many other things at the beginning of pregnancy. And that’s just when you find out you’re carrying. Throw in my next group of symptoms common to pregnancy and it throws your emotions even more out of control.

Physical symptoms – oh, boy, do I hate this group. With Sweet Girl, my first, I had manageable nausea. I was able to continue working full time, at an elementary school no less, and make it through the day. About half the week I would throw up once at the end of the day, go to bed at around 7, and be ready for the next day. This time around is horrible. Horrible nausea all day every day, and I still haven’t found a medication to provide any relief. And that’s just the stomach. You may also feel times where you’re light headed, you’ll definitely be exhausted most of the time. I will say this, if you’re one of the lucky ones who don’t get any of these pesky physical symptoms, you enjoy that while you can. I am totally envious, and wish I was in the same boat.

The last part of the first trimester I find totally irritating. There are basically no signs, feelings, or visual cues to tell you that you are pregnant. No ultrasounds, no flutter movements, no baby bump. I think, for a lot of moms, this is the hardest part. There are so many things going on in your body that are very unpleasant and you still have to wait another few months before you have anything real to show for that little person (or persons) growing inside you.

I know, so far, I haven’t given you the best image of pregnancy. I know lots of blogs will give you the rainbows and butterflies version but I think it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into when you decide to get pregnant. I wonder, sometimes, if some women have a harder time with fear and depression when they find out they are pregnant because they have no idea what to really expect from the experience.

Every mom has a different experience, different degrees of certain symptoms or none at all. Every mom feels a different emotional toll when they get the news. If you’re going to read about pregnancy, I suggest you read about the experiences from lots of moms, not just a couple, and definitely not all the rainbows and butterflies versions. Ask other moms you know about their experiences. And please know that what happens in your own pregnancy, no matter how strange or outrageous it may be, it is probably completely normal. And if you’re concerned, your doctor is the best place to get a straight, honest, and helpful answer.

If you’re pregnant, thinking about getting pregnant, or trying to get pregnant, you are not alone. You can always reach out to someone who can help you get through whatever you are struggling with. And if nothing else, I am happy to be a sounding board. I won’t have all the answers, and I probably won’t have experienced what you’re going through, but I am happy to listen and I am happy to help point you in a direction that may help.


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