The Joys of Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is in the air. I know, Christmas is coming, but I swear everywhere I look there’s another woman who is at least 7 or 8 months pregnant. Three women at church are about to pop, and there’s one woman that works with BJ who is getting induced in the next couple weeks, which is why I’m posting about pregnancy.

They ended up having a conversation today about her needing to take her maternity leave soon (he works in HR), and got to talking about pregnancy. They were comparing pregnancy stories and how they felt (BJ was sharing mine) and they were so drastically different. Mostly because she is so ready to have that baby out and I was enjoying my pregnancy until the very end.

Let me back up a bit and tell you about my pregnancy with Sweet Girl. Other than nausea during the first trimester – morning sickness is a total lie, it lasted all day, every day – I enjoyed my pregnancy. I didn’t have any complications, I was never uncomfortable. Things were just smooth. I loved every minute of it. The little flutters of movement, the daily hiccups (which felt so weird), knowing that my baby was right with me every day. I never once reached the feeling of “get this baby out of me now!”

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one. So many moms or pregnant women I’ve spoken to say they couldn’t wait for their pregnancies to be done. They would reach 36 or 37 weeks pregnant and were just finished. They were uncomfortable, tired of the kicking, tired of pregnancy symptoms, tired of bladder shots and rib punches. Whatever it is, there’s always something that gets to them that makes them want to be finished with the pregnancy. It was something I never understood, even before I got pregnant with Sweet Girl. It may have just been romanticizing but I always imagined how wonderful it would be to feel those tiny movements inside me. To know that my body was helping to create a new tiny being. That I was helping to bring new life into the world. I swore to myself I would never have those feelings of “I’m done”.

I was extremely lucky. I had an uncomplicated pregnancy, and uncomplicated labor, and a quick delivery. I empathize/sympathize (I can never remember which is which) with moms that have to deal with complications during pregnancy, whatever they may be. I feel for moms who have long, arduous labors. My heart goes out for those moms who have lost their babies. It doesn’t matter when those babies go, it is always heartbreaking.

I will always have an infinite amount of love for those women. We have shared in something powerful. An incredible life experience. Pregnancy is amazing. Creating life is amazing. At some point we all feel that way – at least I hope you do. I love being pregnant. I love all those feelings you get when baby moves. I can’t wait to do it all again. And I’m sure, just like with Sweet Girl, as soon as that baby comes out I’ll be ready to do it all over again.


One thought on “The Joys of Pregnancy?

  1. You’re not alone. I absolutely love being pregnant. I admit that I get antsy at the end. I’m not overly fond of the 5 point turn to roll over at night, however I mostly just want to be done because I’m so anxious to meet my baby and make sure he/she (who am I kidding? HE) arrives safely.

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