Eggs & Toast

When kids get sick, they get sick fast. And it just completely takes over everything. Ironically, the morning after I posted my Essential Oils for Illness, Part 2, Sweet Girl got sick. It was actually the first time she wanted to spend the whole day attached to me. I knew then that she was seriously sick. She was either nursing or just wanted to be held. Even through her naps. It was completely exhausting. And then she decided she didn’t want to sleep at all that night. Good grief. Constant crying, only calming down when we were laying next to her, but let me tell you – sleeping on the floor ain’t what it used to be. So, come yesterday, we are running on no sleep, with a little girl who wants nothing but mommy. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could put her down at some point to make some food or just take a nap. Not for you, mom.

Finally, this morning, after getting a reasonable night of sleep, I woke up feeling somewhat normal. And I knew I needed to fix something for breakfast that would give me a lot of energy to take care of Sweet Girl. Luckily, I woke up just a little before her and was able to throw something together.

Eggs & Toast

Now, I know with a title like that you’re thinking, that is boring and unoriginal and not going to give you much energy. But look at this.


A little pile of delicious. Looking at that picture now I see just how awesome that breakfast was. And so filling. Two pieces of toast like this and I am ready to take on the day. So what did I put in it?

2 pieces of toast
White onion
Fresh garlic clove
Green Pepper
2 eggs
Cheddar cheese

So easy to throw together. You can get really fancy and make an omelet type concoction, but making scrambled eggs is just so quick and easy. Chop up the garlic, onion, and green pepper, throw in a pan with heated oil (I used olive oil this morning). Cook those until aromatic (you can smell them), then add the eggs. I whipped them in a bowl before throwing them in, but that’s just extra effort and dishes. While that is all cooking, throw the bread in the toaster, cut up cheese (or grate it on top at the end), and cut up some avocado. Spread the avocado on your toast, put the egg mixture on top, then the cheese on top of that. So simple, so easy, so quick. Three things I look for in the mornings. Honestly, it only took me 10 minutes to throw the whole thing together, from chopping to eating. And it is so full of nutrients that it would keep me going until lunch – or, let’s be honest, a morning snack.

So good I had to eat one piece before taking a photo.

I’m glad I had a few moments to throw this post together because I love sharing new things with you. Especially when I come up with some new quick and easy recipe that I just threw together. Things are so hectic around here with Sweet Girl that it’s hard to get in a decent meal that isn’t leftovers (which I happen to love). Hopefully this can inspire you to whip up something healthy and delicious for your breakfast as well.


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