Hot Dog Hash

Being a stay-at-home parent is also about fast. If you want to avoid a tantrum you pretty much speed through most things to get your kid to stay happy. That’s not to say we give our kids everything their heart desires (see this post) but where we  can we try.

For me, that generally happens with lunch. I never know how long she’s going to nap so I wait until she’s awake to start making anything. But because of this I end up scrambling to throw something together to avoid the midday I’m hungry tantrum. Sometimes it’s leftovers, which is what I always strive for. But sometimes, like yesterday, I have to make something up – and fast.

A quick peek in the fridge was all I needed to figure out it would be a one pan meal, something super easy to throw together, but something that also had lots of veggies and something Sweet Girl really liked. Hot dogs are the easiest thing around here to give her because we know she’ll always eat it. Everything else she’ll eat for the most part, but she definitely has days she doesn’t want to eat certain things.

Now, don’t expect perfect recipes when I do this. These meals are not meant to be prize-worthy. They are meals I throw together in a pinch when I need something to feed my girl and myself. They are also a way of keeping track for myself some of the things I’ve thrown together so that, in the future, I’m not always scrounging for something.

So here it is.


Hot Dog Hash

Like I said, nothing fancy. These are the ingredients I had in the fridge so they are what got thrown in.

3 hotdogs (because I gotta eat, too)
Handful of grape tomatoes
1 carrot
some zucchini
some fresh garlic

All I did was heat up some olive oil in a pan, diced up the carrot first because it is tougher than the rest of the ingredients, and threw them in. While they cooked for a minute I diced up everything else, throwing it in as I went. Once it was all mixed in I seasoned it with black pepper, parsley, oregano, and thyme. Then served it up with noodles, because everyone loves noodles.

So good we ate it all.
Just wanted to show you a size comparison of the pan I used and the bowl I ate from. Made just enough for the two of us.












A super easy meal, thrown together in less than 10 minutes. So I’d call that a success! I hope that as I add more of these Last Minute Meals other parents won’t feel so overwhelmed when they are trying to find something – anything – to feed their children. And feel free to steal these recipes. They aren’t much but they certainly help us get through the day.


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