Forced to Change

Oh, life, how you trick me. You give me the illusion of time and then take it away with a baby going through a growth spurt, then being sick, then going out of town. Good grief.

Now that I finally have a few minutes to sit down and think (good grief it has been a long time) I wanted to share what I have been fighting for the last couple weeks, and it has nothing to do with Sweet Girl. I’ve been slowly trying to make the switch to all-natural and homemade products. So far I’ve switched to natural cleaners, but since we still have some store-bought body wash, shampoo, and lotion, I haven’t made the switch yet. But just recently I’ve been forced to.

About two weeks ago I started getting hive-like rashes after scratching. It was the strangest thing. I would get itchy and scratch like normal but my skin would then break out in little bumps and my skin would turn red. And the more scratching I did the more bumps would pop up and it would start to spread. At first I thought maybe it was the soap I used because I had just switched from body wash to soap bar. So over the course of the last two weeks I’ve tried 4 different bars of soap, one of which was homemade, and had absolutely no luck. Interesting, though, is that I had the worst reaction with the homemade soap. I was also using lotion every day, thinking maybe it was just dry skin that was making me itchy. It was a store-bought brand but every time I used it after I had the bumps it would sting a little.

A quick Google search told me I may be dealing with something called dermatographia. Unfortunately that’s about all I got out of it. It’s a new thing and there’s very little information about it so I didn’t get anything from that search. So again, back to square one. I also tried to make an appointment with a doctor to figure out what’s going on but haven’t been able to get in to see anyone.

Man, oh man, it’s been a long two weeks full of itching. I figured my only way to out of this mess was to put together some soap and lotion for myself at home. And it worked! I got incredible relief for an entire day with the things I made at home, thank goodness. For soap I bought some castile soap and mixed it with some jojoba oil for extra moisture and some lavender essential oil for its antibacterial and calming properties. I also threw some lotion together with coconut oil and shea butter. So luxurious.

I can’t tell you how much relief I’ve gotten from all the itching and because of that I don’t have to deal with the bumps anymore either. I still have no idea what caused this flare up, unfortunately, but at least I’m able to manage it until I can see a doctor.

Have you had a reaction like that come up all of a sudden? What did you do about it?


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