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Having a Friend with Natural Remedies

Starting my own journey into the world of natural remedies has been eye-opening. Herbs, flowers, essential oils, and foods can address so many issues it seems silly that so much money is spent on pharmaceuticals. For example, garlic is great to use as an immune support, both as a preventative or an aid your immune system when you do get sick. Lemongrass is fantastic at deterring insects. Ginger is a tonic to the digestive system, helping your body to flush your system naturally and keep it running optimally.

I find all of this fascinating and, quite frankly, I wonder why more people don’t focus more on the foods they’re eating instead of spending thousands of dollars a year to address things like iron deficiency, digestive issues, sore throats, headaches. You name it, there is a plant or food that can help.

I am so excited about all these new things I’m learning about living more healthily and naturally that I can’t help but share it with my family and friends. And they have started asking me for help with some of the things with which they are dealing. It feels really good to know that the changes I’m making to my own lifestyle are starting to impact the people I care about. I love knowing that I can help someone else take a step back from using medications where they can.

The more I explore and study and learn, the more at peace I am with the decision I made to step away from the chemicals so commonly used. I’m feeling so much less anxious about the products I’m using in my home because I know they are safe to use, not only on and around myself, but also Sweet Girl. I love that I don’t have to be on constant alert when I’m cleaning to make sure she doesn’t get into something she shouldn’t, or touch something that could make her sick.

I am grateful that I had a friend who opened this wonderful new door to me. She has given me so much with just one small thing. My hope is that I can open the eyes of someone close to me and that they feel inspired to make those small changes that I have to live a healthier, more natural life.


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