Setting Up Shop

I guess you’ve noticed how excited I am about using natural remedies for healing. Especially with how many posts I’ve been putting up about it the last couple weeks. What can I say, when I’m inspired I write. So here, again, is a post about living more naturally and using natural products.

The thing is, it’s hard to find 100% natural products out there. There always seems to be a sneaky ingredient at the end of the list that you can’t pronounce, and when you do decide to research it you find it isn’t natural at all. It is just another synthetic additive or preservative. That’s part of why I’ve decided to make my own products at home where I can. Lotion, mouthwash, facial toner, healing serums. I am trying my best to replace store-bought, chemical-filled products where I can , and I can’t help but think that others are feeling the same way.

So I’m setting up shop. I ¬†know that I love making pretty much anything, or at least trying to. I also know that not everyone has the luxury of time, energy, desire, or money to buy all of the ingredients needed to make their own health and beauty products. Opening up my own shop on aftcra is my way of offering people a reasonably priced option for 100% natural, handmade products.


I am working to give others the opportunity that I have to enjoy simple products using simple ingredients. Starting January 2, 2017, I will be open for business. I will be offering products that I use at home – lotions, lip balms, toners, serums – for myself and my daughter. I am working hard to ensure the products I offer are created with safe dilution levels for infants, children, adults, elderly, and sensitive skin.

My hope is that I am able to inspire others to take a closer look at the things they are using at home and take a chance at trying some of the all-natural products I’m offering.

Keep a look out over the next couple months for some more information and check out my shop on aftcra on January 2 to see all that I have to offer.


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