God Has Provided

Let’s take a moment together and experience something (whether in reality or in your mind’s eye). Go outside. Go stand next to a lake, or in the middle of a meadow. Stand on a mountain. Be in nature away from roads and buildings and houses. Just for a moment really look at what is there. Uses your senses to really explore your surroundings. Look around at the grass or the ripples on the lake. Listen to the wind moving through the trees and the insects and animals moving across the ground. Hear the birds as they fly over you. Smell the fresh air. Feel the cool breeze move across your skin.

God has provided. Those things you just experienced with your senses were created by our Heavenly Father. He has given us everything we could ever need. Food, shelter, water, and medicine. People have lived for thousands of years using the things they found around them to provide for their basic human needs.

He also gave us the ability and desire to learn and build to provide even better things for ourselves and our families. That’s where houses, buildings, roads, and all other things built by modern technology came from.

Every once in awhile, when I’m out on a walk with Roly Poly or looking out our living room window and see a line of trees, I get the overwhelming feeling that I have everything I need. Sometimes I get tied down in the feeling that I don’t have enough. Thanks to our society, it seems every day is all¬†about, “I want… I need… I have to have…” But those moments help keep me focused on what really matters.

It can be so easy to get side-tracked in our daily lives. To forget what is really important when we are running from activity to activity, job to job, and then get tied to our gadgets to try to unwind. I challenge you to take a week, a day, an hour, to unplug. Spend time with family, or friends, or just go for a quiet walk and experience the world again. Not the digital world. The actual world that you can explore with all of your senses. What can you see, touch, hear, smell, and taste in the world around you? How does it feel to have a conversation with an actual human being again that doesn’t revolve around work? I challenge you to immerse yourself in the things God has provided.


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