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Roly Poly is Moving – to a Floor Bed

You read that right. We are moving Roly Poly from a crib to a mattress on the floor. Here is what I mean.


And here is why: for the last couple weeks she wakes up in the middle of the night a screams for two hours. No reason – not hungry, not sick, not hot or cold – just waking up and not going back to sleep. Now, we don’t just let her cry for two hours. My heart can’t take it. So we go in, sooth her (which takes all of picking her up), and put her back down only for her to start crying again. We have tried everything we can think of so we are moving on to a whole new tactic: a floor bed.

Let me take a step back before telling you about our experience with the floor bed first. Roly Poly has always been an ok sleeper. We moved her to her own room at about 1.5 months or so (was sooner than I thought we would). The transition to the crib was fairly easy. She was still waking up to eat at night, so we would take care of that, then right back to sleep she went. Obviously, we hit snags in her sleeping when we hit sleep regressions, growth spurts, teething, and being sick, but overall her sleeping has been, in my opinion, normal.

But now, at 13 months, we are struggling. Her normal routine for sleep is two naps a day – usually around 9:30-10:00 am and 2:30-3:00 pm –  than down for the night at 7:00 pm. We have pared down to one feeding at night (she still needs it with how little she can eat at one time during the day – something for another post, I think) at around 4 or 5 am. Then up for the day around 7:30-8:00 am. Not a bad sleep routine for a one-year old.

Anyway, we had to make a change. We cannot keep listening to her cry for two hours a night. It screws up with everyone’s days. So we have decided to try something that I keep seeing around the internet and Pinterest. It is typically something that is associated with the Montessori method. I don’t know much about it so I won’t say anything about it, but there is a lot of information around if you are interested.

Now to our experience with a floor bed. I will say this, our little girl is super independent and, lately, doesn’t want to stay in bed. So we will see how this goes. I will update this as we go through this trial period of a floor bed. Probably not every day but I will let you know how each day goes.

Day 1

After another night of two hours of crying and having to go out on the patio to escape the screaming (mom can only take so much) something had to change. So the crib has been taken apart and the mattress is now on the floor.

Nap 1 was unsuccessful. I tried to go about our usual sleep routine – close the curtains, go around and say night-nights around the apartment, sing a song or two, then lay her down – hoping that would help her with her new bed situation. No such luck. I put her back nap-12down in bed a couple times; we tried for about 30 minutes, but I knew that we wouldn’t be able to get her down so moved on to the next part of our day.

Nap 2 was also unsuccessful, but there was less crying. I decided that instead of leaving her alone in her room as usual I would go through our sleep routine then lay down with her. My hope was that she would see me laying down and eventually do that as well. Unfortunately, since we never co-slept but for a couple weeks when there was mold in her room, she thinks that when we are with her she doesn’t need to be asleep. I will say, though, that she spent more time on her bed with me laying there. Maybe for bedtime I’ll pull out an air mattress and sleep with her for a few days so she gets used to sleeping out of her crib.

Overnight went surprisingly well. That could very well have been because she didn’t any naps during the day though. Woke up once around 3:30, which is much later than she had been. A large part of me is thinking it’s because she wasn’t constantly running into theovernight bars on the crib. She is a big mover while she sleeps so she ended up spending a good part of the night on the floor. After some extra snuggles and love she slept the rest of the night on her floor bed. So far a success.

Day 2

Nap 1 took a little more persuasion and snuggles but she is finally asleep on her floor bed. I will say, so far she loves being able to climb into bed on her own. When I tell her it’s time nap-12to lay down and read a book she has a little smile on her face as she toddles over and sits down. I will count Nap 1 as a success.

Nap 2 happened but not on the floor bed. This transition is going to take lots of extra snuggles. But so far she seems to at least enjoy the freedom to go to bed on her own. The problem is that she also enjoys getting up whenever she wants. So we spent this nap today rocking in my rocking chair while she slept.

Overnight wasn’t quite as great as the first night. She spent most of the night sleeping on her own bed. Around 3:30 or so she woke to eat then spent the rest of the night with me. Unfortunately, she also woke again around 4:30 and was energized and sort of playing and climbing on me for about an hour and a half. Not so fun when all I want to do is sleep.

Day 3

Things are changing. We have, I think, moved to just one nap a day. Who knew.
Nap 1, since I waited for her to really decide when it was time for sleep – which was the whole point of us doing this in the first place – was a success. She didn’t sleep as long as I would have liked but she spent the whole day in a great mood, exploring everything. So I would say that, already, we are seeing some positives with using the floor bed.

Overnight went a little better than the night before. When we started this whole thing I decided to place an air overnightmattress in her room for myself to sleep on as we transitioned Roly Poly to a floor bed. I think it was a good idea because she has wanted to snuggle with me for part of the night (which I have greatly enjoyed, especially since I didn’t have to worry about her falling off the bed). She is still enjoying her floor bed, though she spent more of last night with me.

Day 4

Nap 1 is, again, the only nap she’s going to take today. BJ and I kept an eye out for her cues
but she is really starting to let us know when it’s time for a nap on her own. She’ll go to her room and either sit or lay down on her bed without us asking. She is really getting the hang of this floor bed situation. And I am loving that there is so much less crying involved, both before and after naps.

Overnight was terrible, by our own doing. I didn’t have the air mattress set up in her room, thinking I would actually be able to sleep in my own bed now. Oh, how wrong I was. So at 11pm we had to blow it up, dress it with sheets and blankets, put it in her room, and then try to get Roly Poly back to sleep. Needless to say it was a long night with lots of waking up, lots of rolling around, and a whole lot of crying.

Day 5

Because of last night her nap took a little more effort to happen. So we went on a walk and before we got back home she was passed out. And I got super lucky that I was able to transfer from stroller to bed without waking her. I am so glad we are using the floor bed simply because there is no way I could have done that with the crib. Nap 1 = success.

Overnight started out pretty well. Daddy was able to get her overnightcalmed down fairly quick and to sleep not long after. You’ve got to love it when Daddy is involved and especially when your little one likes it when Daddy is involved. The air mattress is ready to go so that when she does wake up to eat (I really hope it isn’t until closer to 4 am and not 10:30 pm) I am right there and we can fall straight back to sleep together.

Day 6

Mom fail. We went to the library for story time because I thought we had plenty of time untitledbefore she would need to go down for her nap. Yeah, I was wrong. So she fell asleep in the car, I didn’t get her transferred to her bed with her asleep so it took forever before she would be down for her nap and then it only happened because I rocked her for the 45 minutes she was asleep. So much for the floor bed for this nap.

Overnight was ok. Woke twice, but because I was right there I was able to just rub her back and get her straight back to sleep. Overall a good night.

Day 7

It was just one of those days. Where nothing seems to be going right, there’s lots of fussing, nap doesn’t last long enough. But at least the nap happened. So that’s something.


So I started this week thinking I would be letting you know how the floor bed is working out for us. It is working great. Roly Poly loves to have the freedom to get up and go to the door when she wakes from a nap or in the morning. She loves that she can put herself on her bed, even if she doesn’t stay there without help yet. To go with the theme of the post, I would say the floor bed is a success.


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