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Babies and Sleep

As parents of new babies we are constantly trying to figure out if we are doing the right things, especially where sleep is concerned. If what we are doing is really helping Roly Poly with her sleep, is she sleeping enough or too much. Just so many questions, as with everything else baby-related.

Our current dilemma is whether or not she still needs to take two naps. Thankfully, because we started having her use a floor bed instead of a crib, I think we’ve figured it out. And not because of something we tried, or we decided to keep her awake through one of her naps. Using the floor bed has given her so much more independence that she has been able to tell us she no longer needed that second nap. At least for right now. It’s only been a couple days so that could change.

I remember very clearly when she dropped from three naps to two. I had been trying for about a week to keep her going down for three naps. She was struggling with her sleep overnight, when before she would do just fine. Clearly something was wrong. But I kept forcing it, thinking she still needed those three naps. When I finally realized, “Hey, she may only need two naps,” things changed drastically. She was much happier during the day because I wasn’t forcing her to take a nap, I was much happier because I wasn’t being screamed at every couple hours, and BJ was happy because he got more sleep at night.

So basically what I’m telling you is listen to your baby. They are so much more aware of their needs than we give them credit for. Roly Poly is great at letting us know what she needs, and she is still non-verbal. And doesn’t use baby signs either. My take-away from the first year plus with her is that I should listen more and dictate less. She knows what she’s doing.


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