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Making the Switch to a Paperless Home

Over the year or so I have been slowly making changes to get our home to be more “green”. The biggest change that has been made has been in the paper product department – toilet paper, paper towels, paper napkins, kleenex. It has been slow going but I’m finally getting to an (almost – we keep paper products around for hubby and guests) paper-less home.

Limiting Toilet Paper

We’ll get the most personal out of the way first. This was the first area that we made a change in. Ok, well I made a change. When we started using cloth diapers with Roly Poly, we also started using cloth wipes at diaper changes. And I will say that was a fantastic decision. The more we used them for her the more I thought, why not use them for myself? It’s now been about 6 months and I don’t regret eliminating my use of toilet paper. Not only am I saving money by not buying it, I’m not producing the trash or recycling either. And cloth wipes just feel so much better. And you get super clean with them, too.

Limiting Paper Towels

This one has been a little harder to switch, simply because we didn’t have an alternative. We use the most paper towels to cover food we are heating in the microwave or when we make bacon. The last couple months, however, I’ve been trying to use fewer paper towels. And now, today, I finally have a good alternative. I purchased a bunch of cloth napkins from Goodwill the other day so I can use those to cover food we heat up, I used it to cover the bread I was making yesterday, and they can be used for anything else I need them to. Thank you Goodwill.

Limiting Paper Napkins

This was another area that we struggled to get rid of paper. We try to use cloth wipes or burp cloths at the table for Roly Poly, but we were still using paper napkins for ourselves. Until that trip to Goodwill. Now we have a plethora of napkins to use at the table. Woo Hoo!

Limiting Kleenex

The final area that is getting a paper overhaul is kleenex. For the most part, most of the year, I don’t really use facial tissues. Just for the occasional congestion problem. For that reason alone I’m making the switch to a handkerchief. I hate using a whole kleenex when I just have one quick thing to take care of. But with this huge load of fabric from Goodwill I can now have a handkerchief at the ready whenever I need it. And they are so soft. Now I can avoid that horribly painful Rudolf nose the next time I get a cold.

Limiting Cotton Balls

I know, they’re not really paper, but I think they could go in this post anyway. As a female I use a lot of cotton balls. At least two a day when I wash my face. More when I am taking nail polish off my nails. But after searching Pinterest I have come up with my own alternative that works great. I took one of BJ’s old cotton t-shirts, cut it up, and use one little square of fabric every time I would have used a cotton ball.

I know that limiting my use of paper products is not going to make the biggest difference in the world. But I know that I am doing my part and that makes me feel great. And using cloth instead of disposable paper products is so simple and feels so much better on my skin I know I won’t be going back.


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