Once It Was Simple

When I started this blog I really just wanted a place to let out some of my thoughts. Being a stay-at-home parent that is terrible at socializing with new people I was seriously lacking in adult conversations. But I had so many adult things to say. And let’s face it, even with the greatest spouse in the world, you still need to talk to other adults. So this blog became the place for me to “talk” to other adults, even if no one is really listening. (That wasn’t really the point.)

As I thought and thought about what in the world I would call my blog I thought about how I wanted to live my life. What would I want to share with the world about our little world right here? And I came up with a few things based on our recent experiences.

Why is everything baby related so complicated?

Everywhere I looked there would be some fancy gadget or toy or mobile or baby-bottle formula Kurig thing or sleep toy that plays music when the baby moves. Seriously? Is all of that necessary? Your baby really doesn’t need any of that. They need you, bottles if you’re using them, blankets, and something to sleep on (you, your bed, whatever). They don’t need the latest high-end thing that “all the other mommies have”. They are simple beings with simple needs. Hold me, feed me, change me (or let me go on the potty), burp me. I really wonder when motherhood, or parenthood, became all about leaving the baby to their own devices, attaching a bottle holder to the carseat so we don’t have to actually hold them while they eat.

Once It Was Simple – You hold or wrap your baby pretty much all the time. You breastfeed your baby. You keep your baby clean and don’t just leave them in the diaper all day. They interact with you, not some random light up toy. Your baby will learn everything they need to know from their interactions with you. They will never know the difference if they don’t have the newest, best, fanciest whatever. And you will do just fine without it, too.

Are pre-made, pre-packaged meals really necessary?

This, like most everything in our lives recently, came up because of finances. We just don’t have the money to spend on the pre-made foods. Because, really, have you done a price comparison on the things you eat? You can buy so much more food when you buy it as individual ingredients and make it yourself. And spend less money doing so. And it is so much more healthy for you. Getting pregnant really made me look closely at everything I was eating and putting into my body because there are things that are just not good for a growing baby to be exposed to. Making all of our food at home (and rarely going out to dinner) meant I could know exactly what I was eating and I could make sure that I was getting a wide variety of things as well.

Once It Was Simple – Make it yourself. You spend a little more time but you save money and you eat more healthy. You know what you are eating, and really, do you know what those ingredients are in your freezer meal?

Can you get by without your over-the-counter medications?

Now, I’m not talking about the prescription medications you are taking. I’m talking about the tylenols, ibuprofens, zyrtecs, zantacs, and other such medications. The ones you take for seasonal allergies, headaches, stomach aches; the ones you use for a paper cut or blister on your foot. Could there be a way to get rid of all of those OTCs with ingredients you can never pronounce no matter how hard you try?

I’ve recently started looking into essential oils (check out this post HERE) and researching in quite a few books to learn everything I can. I’ve also been looking into herbal remedies. I was skeptical at first but after more thought I realized that there had to be a way to deal with common issues without FDA regulated drugs. Think about it: 1000 years ago, what did they do when they had a headache? A sore throat? They couldn’t run to the drugstore to pick something up. They found a way to use what nature gave them to help ease whatever ailed them. So why couldn’t we do that now?

Once It Was Simple – why use OTCs with long lists of ingredients we’ve never heard of? Nature has provided the things we need to take care of our every-day ailments. Don’t believe me? Look into it or ask someone you know uses natural remedies. Or stay tuned for more posts on essential oils and natural remedies.

Something I hear a lot, especially because we don’t have extra money right now, is to give your children experiences they will cherish forever not toys they will break or get bored with. Once It Was Simple is about just that. Returning to a more simple way of living; removing the unnecessary noise and gadgetry of the 21st century. I enjoy everything that our society has discovered and created. I am happy that I can use the internet and computers, my smart phone, tv. I like that I have all of these things and so much more available to me, but I also think it’s important to remember that they are not necessary for our happiness.

Simple living, without the “noise” of the world, is where we¬†will find the most happiness.


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