Cloth Diapers – How We Use Them

Because the last couple posts about cloth diapers have been so long I will keep this short and to the point.

What types of cloth diapers do you use?

We use covers and prefolds. We have a dozen newborn-sized prefolds, a dozen large prefolds, 8 Flip inserts, and some prefolds from Walmart. Nothing fancy here and they work great. For the covers we bought two Flip covers, two Econobum covers, and two Thirsties Duo Wraps (they come in two size ranges, 4-18 pounds and 18-40 pounds). These are all adjustable covers so they fit for a wide range of heights and weights. Another great thing about using covers is that, unless soiled, you can use them a couple times before washing.

What does a day of cloth diapering look like?

Overnight we use disposable diapers. We don’t have the extra money to spend on fancy, super-absorbent cloth diapers or inserts to use with the wool cover we have, so disposables it is. During the day we typically rotate through two diaper covers, using a new prefold each time. They are quick and easy to put together, just fold up the prefold, stick it in the cover, and wrap it around the kiddo. At each diaper change we just wet one of the many washcloths we have in the bathroom with water, wipe her up, and she’s ready to go. No fancy mixture, no chemicals. Super easy. 

How do you store everything when it’s clean?

The wipes are kept in that glass dish. The cup we use at night and we do a wipe down of her face, hands, and feet as well as her diaper area.

All of the inserts and covers are kept in the top drawer of her dresser. Easy access and out of reach of interested little fingers. The wipes hang out on the counter in the bathroom so it is really easy to get it wet for a diaper change.

How do you store everything when it’s dirty?

We never bought a special diaper pail. An unnecewp-1471277312392.jpgssary added expense, in my opinion. We had a 5-gallon bucket hanging around the house not being used so that’s what her dirty diapers go in before laundry day. We use the dry pail method, so we don’t keep it filled with water. If it gets super stinky I’ll sprinkle a little baking soda on top to eliminate some of the odor. 

How do you wash your diapers?

I try to wash my diapers with other laundry because I only ever have a small load of just diapers. I’ll usually throw them in with towels or sheets, but sometimes they go in with whatever load needs to be filled. We use two scoops of our homemade laundry soap, set it on the highest setting for things that are super dirty, set it on cold water, and add an extra rinse at the end.

How do you dry your diapers?

The covers are laid out to dry on top of the washing machine, and the inserts and washcloths are all thrown into the dryer on high heat.

I hope that all makes sense. Happy cloth diapering!


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