Heading down the “Crunchy” path

Since the birth of my daughter a year ago – Happy birthday, baby girl! – I’ve directed my family down a more green-oriented, “crunchy” path. It started with conscious decisions about what we were using on Roly Poly, like soaps, lotions, and switching to cloth diapers. Now my decisions are becoming more focused on the things our family as a whole uses. We’ve now made the switch, at least I have, to using cloth wipes for myself instead of toilet paper. Then it was eliminating the use of paper towels, buying things in bulk, making baby food at home, making our own laundry detergent. Slowly but surely we are making the switch to living a more green life.

I won’t say that we have or will switch every aspect of our lives to more green methods but we will certainly be making a more conscious effort to use products and foods in our home that are much more healthy for us and the environment. It feels good to be more aware of everything we are using. To know that I am not keeping our home more clean from chemicals that could be harmful to me or my family. Especially my baby girl, who is now getting into everything.

It would be great if we could make the switch to all natural products, but it just wouldn’t make sense financially for us. We still have quite a few things to work through (dishwasher tablets, cleaning supplies, laundry soap) and I don’t want that to have been wasted product and money. So as we use those things up I will start making things at home for just about anything and everything I can find recipes for. Thank goodness for pinterest because otherwise I would have absolutely no idea how to make my own cleaning products, health products, or really any products. That just isn’t something I would be able to do.

So as we make the switch to a more green lifestyle I will post the changes we are making and what that looks like for our family. Stay tuned!


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