Is Your Baby a “Good Baby”?

Preface: I support all parents who make the best decision they can for their family, no matter how different it may be from what I would choose.

As a parent with a young child I often get asked if Roly Poly is a good baby. And I always wonder, “What does that mean?” I think a lot of people, when they ask that question, are thinking of some variation of these questions:

1. Does your baby sleep all night?
2. Does your baby eat enough solid food? (depending on age)
3. Does your baby rarely cry?

Every time I want to answer no because I want to dispell their notions of a good baby. Unfortunately, 90% of the time Roly Poly is a “good” baby. She sleeps most of the way through the night, though some nights are worse than others. She is eating some solid foods but is still primarily breastfed. And she only cries if we’ve made her wait too long to eat or its long past nap/bedtime.

My approach to parenting from the time I was pregnant was that women have done this for thousands of years. They’ve given birth without unnecessary medical intervention, they’ve breastfed, and they’ve followed baby’s cues for what they need. No need for formula (when it came on the scene). No forced schedule. No sleep training. No cry-it-out.

After a lot of time on Google and Pinterest I’ve realized my parenting style fits in the Attachment Parenting model.

So back to the original question. “Is your baby a good baby?” Absolutely. She lets me know when she’s hungry, tired, bored, happy, needs cuddles, scared. She sleeps when she needs it and wakes when she needs to. She eats what she wants, but tries new foods when I offer them. She cries when she’s trying to tell me something because she can’t form words yet to tell me.
My baby is a “good” baby. She communicates, I listen. And I don’t ask her to be anything but what she is: a baby.


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