Spring Reorganizing

Every spring, without fail, I get the urge. Not to clean – I only sometimes feel motivated to do most regular cleaning tasks – but to reorganize. I’ll go through closets and try to rearrange and find a better way to put everything in it. I’ll go through rooms and try to find a way to rearrange furniture. I’ll go through the kitchen to see how I can better organize my cabinets and drawers.

Also, every spring BJ asks me why I feel the need to do this every year. I can’t give him a truly straight answer because I don’t understand it myself. The only thing I can think is that spring, for me, is a time for renewal and what better and easier way for me to feel as though I have something new in my life than to move things around so it looks like I have a new room.

This year, though, I haven’t been able to find a way to reorganize our living room. It’s a smaller space and there’s really only one good way to organize our furniture. We have a double reclining loveseat and a recliner (BJ really loves to lay back and relax, and we got the furniture from his parents when they got new furniture). So, really, putting either of them up against a wall is just not going to work. It’s a sad thing for me when I can’t move things around.

Luckily, my mom has told me that I can help her find a new way to organize a couple rooms in her house as well as her new office that she’s moving into this summer. So I may have to put off instant gratification for some extra gratification later on when I get to rearrange and help decorate all these new spaces.

Any of you ever feel you just HAVE to do one thing every spring? Cleaning out the refrigerator, moving furniture around, or deep cleaning your car?


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