Adjusting to Life with Two Kids – Two Under 2

This post is incredibly fitting for today – I’m feeling completely swamped. And I really shouldn’t today. I don’t have that much I have to get done. But with lack of sleep, a fussy infant, an energetic toddler, and poop on the floor, it just all seems a little too much. Life with 2 under…… Continue reading Adjusting to Life with Two Kids – Two Under 2

Self-Care: Hitting the Reset Button

Some days I just need to hit the reset button. Being a stay-at-home parent is not a walk in the park, as some might believe. The day to day tasks that we complete¬† and are required to take care of may seem mundane but they take a toll. And because of this, we need to…… Continue reading Self-Care: Hitting the Reset Button

Dealing With Low Breast Milk Supply

There’s nothing worse than typing up a 1000+ word post only to have it not save. And I thought it was pretty good. But, apparently, it wasn’t meant to be. Now, breast milk supply works on a supply and demand system. Your baby screams and cries her demand and your body works as hard as…… Continue reading Dealing With Low Breast Milk Supply

Encouraging Positive Sibling Relationships

One of the first questions I get asked from just about anyone that knows I have two children is some version of, “What does your oldest think of the new baby?” And every time I get asked that question, I wonder what the expected answer is. Do they expect it to be complete anarchy, with…… Continue reading Encouraging Positive Sibling Relationships

Marriage After Children

Parenthood is one of those things that could either make or break a marriage. You hear all the time that the two biggest reasons for divorce are children and finances – usually because you find your thoughts or feelings on one of these are too different. And, unfortunately, I don’t know too many couples who…… Continue reading Marriage After Children

Help! My Baby Hasn’t Pooped in a Week!

As a first time parent this is really scary. You think there’s something seriously wrong, or at the very least, your kid is very constipated – which we all despise. But if your child is exclusively breastfed, don’t fret. It’s normal, as long as they aren’t in distress or showing signs of discomfort. When Sweet…… Continue reading Help! My Baby Hasn’t Pooped in a Week!

Are Baby Books Really Necessary?

It would seem that baby books are a staple for expecting mothers. When I got pregnant with Sweet Girl it was one of the first things I thought of when I was creating my registry. I thought it was so important to have one so that I could keep track of all those milestones and…… Continue reading Are Baby Books Really Necessary?

Co-Sleeping: The How’s and Why’s of Our First Month Home with Little Squish

That’s right, I’m going there. Sleeping arrangements can vary from house to house, family to family, and even child to child. They certainly did around here. But please understand that I am not promoting or condemning any one idea or circumstance so long as safe sleeping habits are practiced with your children. Let me start…… Continue reading Co-Sleeping: The How’s and Why’s of Our First Month Home with Little Squish

Acknowledgement is the First Step

I have a problem – being a new mom of two is hard, and I am really struggling. I knew I would; this was not surprising to me. I knew there would be an adjustment period because I am now responsible for a whole new person incapable of doing anything for herself. And, I am…… Continue reading Acknowledgement is the First Step

Sleeping Like a Baby

It baffles me when I get on social media and see all the suggestions for how to get a newborn sleeping through the night. I don’t know where these people get the idea that this is o.k. or even recommended but it blows my mind just how often it comes up. And asking new parents…… Continue reading Sleeping Like a Baby